How often do you Jump to the wrong Conclusion?

September 22nd, 2016 Day 22 Vlog Challenge word Jump

Sitting outside on our front patio just enjoying the sun before the inevitable happens. The cold winter is right around the corner. It got me thinking about how often we humans jump to conclusions. Most times our rash judgements turn out to be wrong. Nine out of ten times we jump to the wrong conclusion. Think about how much of a better place our world would be if people didn’t make those rash judgements. Next time

Next time you feel like your about to jump to a conclusion. Stop and evaluate all your options. Evaluate all the information and then make a decision. Ah, now there’s a thought. See you tomorrow.

Click here to watch the link on YouTube!


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  1. I do it all the time! Great point

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    1. lddegroff says:

      Thanks for stopping by! The first step is realizing it!


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