Fun Adventures with Dad!

Fun Adventures with Dad! Weekly Vlog <~~ Here’s the trailer

We need to have more fun with our kids! This is a vlog where we show off how funny kids can be on video! Really kids are just funny even without the video camera! They are so great at living in the moment. The plan is to post a video a week sharing our adventures. Please subscribe and follow along! I guarantee when you do you’ll be able to live in the moment better because our children have more fun and do it better than we do!

Fun adventure with Dad at the Park! <~~ Episode #1

Kids are funny because they live moment by moment. Is there a better place than having fun in the park with our kids? We all should live in the moment more and the best way to do that is adventuring with your children! Kids do some funny things when on camera. Most parents know kids are funny no matter what! Come along with our normal park visit!

Fun adventure at the Pumpkin Patch! <~~ Episode #2

This is a great example of how kids can make funny videos just being in the moment. That’s what makes filming kid videos so much fun. These type of moments remind us why we have fun with our kids.  It’s also what makes watching kid videos so much fun. The family went to Anderson Farms to pick out pumpkins. We had so much fun!

Fun adventure looking for fossils! <~~ Episode #3

We search for fun adventures with our sons searching for funny moments with our kids. Sometimes you have to make the best of adventures when they don’t seem so fun! Kid videos are so funny because they live in the moment. Unfortunately, sometimes those moments when you hope to have fun with your kids it doesn’t seem so fun for them. The first half of the hike he was still asleep!

Fun adventures at home! <~~ Episode #4

Sometimes the best and most fun adventures with kids are the ones you have at home. Funny kid videos just happen when you’re living in the moment even when you’re not doing much at all. Mom was at work so Dad and the boys stayed home. Sometimes the adventures fall flat and you fail but that’s the key to good parenting. Just living in the moment with your kids is the best and the best way to capture those moments is weekly vlogging. We all need to live in the moment more often. Join us on these great adventures at home!