Storytime with Dad!

Storytime with Dad #1 – Don’t let the Pigeon drive the bus!

We spend so much time reading that we thought it would be fun to share. Carson loves how fun story time can be plus now he loves asking questions. Sometimes too many questions. Please enjoy. Like, comment and subscribe. We appreciate it!

This story is written by Mo Willems

Storytime with Dad #2 – Goodnight goon!

We love story time any time of the day. Carson’s favorite stories are the Goodnight… series. So Goodnight Goon was a new book for us but this is just as fun as the other stories in the Goodnight series. Storytime is great for the boys and expanding their mind but us parents love it too. Please enjoy the second Episode! Please comment, like and subscribe!

Storytime with Dad #3 – Five little pumpkins!

We love this fun short story Five Little Pumpkins anytime of year! Carson loves it so much he knows the lines. This isn’t the best bedtime story right before bed because it riles him up! I hope you enjoy our story time as much as we do! We also tried something different this time by adding the pages into the video. That way you can read along! Please comment, like and subscribe!

Storytime with Dad #4 – Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! 

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is one of Carson’s favorite books. We started reading this fun story but Carson didn’t want to join us, that is until the end. This is a great book to help the kids learn the alphabet. We had a few laughter breaks to make story time a little more fun. Please enjoy! Like, comment and share if you enjoy this video!